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Pedagogical Beliefs and ICT Integration

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The article Teaching Pedagogical Beliefs: The Final Frontier in Our Quest for Technology Integration by Peggy A. Ertmer is about examining the relationship between teacher’s pedagogical beliefs and their technology practices. The article discusses the use of technology in the classroom and how confident teachers feel in using the technology. The article The Growth of Enterprise Pedagogy: How ICT Policy is Infected by Neo-Liberalism by Dr Mark Brown is based on what the dangers of ICT are for teachers.

Ertmer suggests that “althsough the conditions for successful technology integration finally appear to be in place, including ready access to technology, increased training for teachers, and a favourable policy environment, high-level technology use is still surprisingly low”. This can be seen in a number of schools both primary and high school across Australia. Technology is now a great part of our lives and because of this fact teachers need to ensure that the use of technology is used in our classrooms. Ertmer states that the majority of teachers (85%) now report feeling somewhat prepared to use technology for classroom instruction. This now means that more and more teachers can start to integrate technology into their lesson, so therefore the students may enjoy learning as they will be using skills that they use every day when they are not at school just as using the computers to type up a story rather than writing the story in their English books.

Teacher technology use in schools has increased in classroom lessons across the nation. This is due to the increased levels of access and skills to the technology. However higher level uses are still very much in minority. The computer related activities in which teachers most often engage their students in are using the computers to do writing and using them as free-time or a reward activity. This was evident during my prac, the class that I was in was year one and the teacher never used the computers or any technology in the classroom, the room didn’t even have an interactive whiteboard. However the school was upgrading to getting an interactive whiteboard for every classroom and implementing workshops for the teachers to attend to understand and learn how to use the new technology. I think that this is a step in the right direction for this school because teachers need to keep updating their education as there are always new skills to learn to pass on to the students in their classroom. Brown states that “ICT should be used to develop a new kind of digital curriculum where students learn how to be critical thinkers, critical consumers and critical citizens”.

Ertmer states that “despite the fact that most of the teachers described themselves as having constructivist philosophies”, the teachers might  implement the technology in a mixed approach as sometimes they set the students tasks like project based work which relates to constructivist practices but other times the students may be practicing skills or learning isolated facts. Teachers may be put off using technology in the classroom to one or two isolated facts that have deterred the teachers from using the technology. For example a teacher takes her class to the computer lab for a lesson, when the class gets there and starts to use the computer they do not work, so the teacher has to change her lesson. So from this one bad experience the teacher no longer want to use the technology because he/she thinks it will always be like that.

Brown states that “the growth of ICT in schools is problematic”. This is due to the complex forces behind the drive to reform schools through ICT and rather than be lured by the political and economic spin of new digital technology the teaching profession needs to create a culture of activism and reconceptualism.

Part B – A Sound File

The Three Little Pigs

Which learning style/s does this ICT support?

The learning style that the sound file connects with is the constructivism approach. It connects to this style as the students are able to construct their own understanding of the story the three little pigs.

How could this ICT be implemented as a good cognitive environment?

This sound file could be a good cognitive tool within the learning environment, by:

-          It allows the students to interrupt the sound file in their own individual way. It encourages the students to stop and think about what they are hearing.

-          It allows the students to think about the sound file individually and then as a group break down what they have heard or see what the meaning behind the sound file is.

How is this ICT enabling the development of creativity?

This sound file allows the development of creativity as it allows the students to:

-          To hear and understand the concept of the sound file.

-          The students will be able to construct their own understanding of the concept in the sound file.

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